Sunderland – St. Anne

Hylton Road, Pennywell SR4 9AA

Father Michael McCoy

Sunday 11 am

Sunday 5.30pm


Sunderland - St. Hilda

Beaumont Street Southwick SR5 2JD

Father Oliver Keyes

Sunday 9.15am


Sunderland – St. Benet

The Causeway Monkwearmouth, Sunderland SR6 0BH

Father Oliver Keyes

Saturday (Vigil) 6pm

Sunday 10.30am


Sunderland – The Sacred Heart and St. John Bosco

Chiswick Road, Hylton Castle SR5 3PY

Father Mariadass

Sunday 10.30am


Sunderland – St. Cecilia and St. Patrick

Ryhope Road, Sunderland SR2 7TG

Father Robert Kinlen

Sunday 9.00am


Sunderland – Immaculate Heart of Mary

Springwell Road, Sunderland SR3 4DF

Father Michael Humble

Sunday 9.30am


Sunderland – Holy Rosary

Arbroath Road, Farringdon


Father Michael Humble

Saturday (Vigil) 6pm


Sunderland - St. Mary

Bridge Street, Sunderland SR1 1TQ

Father Kevin Dixon and Canon Alexander Barrass (Retired)

Sunday 8am (at Oaklea Convent)

Sunday 11 am

Sunday 6.30pm


Sunderland – The Holy Family

Gardiner Road, Grindon SR4 0PS

Father Michael McCoy

Sunday 11.15am


Sunderland – St. Joseph

Paxton Terrace, Millfield SR4 6HP

Father Michael McCoy

Saturday (Vigil) 5.45pm

Sunday 9.30am


Ryhope – St. Patrick

Smith Street, Ryhope SR2 0RG

Father Robert Kinlen, Father Alban Walker (Retired) and Deacon Norman Barron

Sunday 11am


Silksworth – St. Leonard’s

Tunstall Village Road, Silksworth SR3 2BB

Father Robert Kinlen and Deacon Norman Barron

Saturday (Vigil) 6pm



We invite our staff and school families to join with our parish families: