Our Nursery Children had lots of fun!


We had a lot of fun at our PTA Fun Run.  We were very lucky to have wonderful sunshine throughout the day and the children had a great time on the field.  As well as the run this year, we set up several World Cup themed activities for them to try.

Our penalty kick station proved the most successful.  Our Nursery and Reception children found out just how bad a goalkeeper Mr Alderson is and both the boys and girls had a great time.
Our Year Six Runners Took it Very Seriously!  Mr Kelly Ran Lots of Laps (Honest)
The sponsorship and donation money totalled nearly £1500 so well done everybody!
Mr Jackson Shows Some Skills!
Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped out and the staff of North East Sports who kept everyone organised and ran the laps with the children.  What a great day we all had!
Cake Sale
Our cake sale was a great success, we had a tremendous response to our request for cakes.  The children loved the chance for an afternoon treat for half-term and we raised £180.  Thank you to everyone for your hard work and wonderful baking skills!
Many thanks to everyone who returned the letter expressing their preference for the next long term fund. Here is how parents voted-
Option A (seating)
Option B (markings)
Option A and B                            
Option C
Total number of votes 
A combination of seating and markings was chosen.
Ideas suggested for option C were a slide, shelter, friendship stop, graffiti wall and an extension to the trail-ideas we may get a chance to reconsider in the future.
Thanks again to everyone who took the time to reply and for all your support of PTA events this year. We look forward to fund-raising with you over the next year.

11 votes            14%
27 votes            36%
32 votes            42%

6 votes              8%