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Admissions Policy  2016/17  Admissions Policy 2017/18  Admissions Policy 2018/19

Admissions Policy 2019/20   Admissions Policy 2020/21  Admissions Policy 2021/22   Admissions Policy 2022/23   Admissions Policy 2023/24  Admissions Policy 2024/25

Admissions Policy 2025/26


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DfE School Performance Tables
E-Safety - A Parents Guide  
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2023-24
Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance, September 2023


Managing Safeguarding Concerns, September 2022

Curriculum Policy and Guidelines, 2018


Curriculum Assessment 2018


Curriculum Overview 2023-24

Ofsted Inspections


PE and Sports' Premium 2023/24


PE and Sports' Premium 2022/23


PE and Sports' Premium 2021/22


PE and Sports' Premium 2020/21


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023/24


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022/23


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021/22


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2020/21


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2019/20


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018/19

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017/18


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2016/17

School Entries on Ofsted web site (external link)
Behaviour and Discipline Policy 2023-24
Behaviour Policy (EYFS)
Behaviour Policy (EYFS Part 2)


Health and Safety Policy 2023
Anti-Bullying Policy 2023-24 Anti-Bullying Leaflet 2020
SEND Policy 2023-24
SEND Information Report 2017


SEND Information Report 2018


SEND Information Report 2020-21


SEND Information Report 2022-23


SEND Information Report 2023-24


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Charging Policy 2023-25 


Complaints Procedure 2022-24


COVID19 'Catch Up' Plan November 2022


COVID19 Recovery Premium Grant Autumn 2021


COVID19 'Catch Up' Plan 2020-21


Remote Education Provision


Equality & Diversity Policy 2023-27
Sport Premium 2019-20


Staff Behaviour and Conduct Policy 2023-24


School Performance Data 2019-2023


Primary Data July 2022


Primary Data July 2019


Primary Data July 2018


Primary Data July 2017


Performances Measures Web Site (external link)


KS1 2016   KS2 2019

Privacy Notice


Schools Financial Benchmarking Service


Relationships and Health Education Policy 2023


RSE Policy 2023-24


At 01/09/2023, no staff at the school earn more than £100k per year

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