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All the lower junior staff are committed to the development of all the children in our area. Our philosophy is a simple one: to create a safe, happy learning environment and central to our aims is the formation of the individual. All staff are dedicated to the school’s mission statement and set the example of, ‘Jesus at our Centre; in everything we do throughout the school day.’


The Lower School curriculum is varied and exciting. As well as a focus on the core academic subjects, children’s horizons are broadened through music, art, drama and sport, as well as; Friends’ which is taught from Year 3 to help children to develop their thinking and their opinions. This also enables children to consider the needs and feelings of others.


We believe that consistency throughout the area and school is key to the children’s well-being and all teachers follow the same policies   regarding, reward schemes, homework, classroom management and intervention.  Although we fully understand that the children are still relatively young, we do encourage and expect children to develop a sense of independence and learn to look after their belongings and personal items responsibly.


It is the responsibility of everyone who works in year 3 and 4 to try and develop children as independent and confident learners. They should never worry about making mistakes but thrive on the challenge of success and participation. 

Thank you for your continued support.


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